Why does everyone want to work at Google? Oh yeah … this is why

Remember the very first time someone mentioned that Google’s headquarters in Mountain View were so awesome, it had an indoor slide?  You probably took a gander at your own cubicle and shook your head in resignation and disgust.  As it turns out, the new Google Tel-Aviv, Israel offices are going to make you just as – if not more – jealous.

Much like the company’s work spaces strewn all over the world, the new Tel-Aviv office has amenities only Googlers can brag about: An indoor slide that connects floors, a state-of-the-art gym, a music room, and so much more.  They even have a Lego room and a rooftop deck with a fantastic view of the Mediterranean Sea.

The genius behind this particular space is thanks to the people over at Camenzind Evolution.  The architectural firm is also responsible for designing other offices for Google, namely those located in Dublin, Moscow, Oslo, Stockholm, and Zurich.  

Known as “the city that never sleeps”, Tel-Aviv is a popular destination for immersing in a rich nightlife and party atmosphere, the biggest reason why it is the fifth-most-visited city in the Middle East and Africa.  It’s also increasingly become a startup hub – you might remember that face recognition company Face.com (recently sold to Facebook) is headquartered there. Interested?  Now is the time to make a move to Israel because Google is hiring

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