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Jam Kotenko

Jam Kotenko

Former Digital Trends Contributor

When she's not busy watching movies and TV shows or traveling to new places, Jam is probably on Facebook. Or Twitter. Or Instagram. Her other interests include board games, good food, and Jason Mraz. You can get to know her more through Twitter (@MrazGal), Instagram (@thatgaljam), or, which she's trying to update more.

waiting instagrams upcoming private messaging feature couple apps hold instatalks 2

If you can’t wait for Instagram to launch messages, here are a few apps to hold you over

So you're excited about Instagram launching a messaging feature. So excited you can't wait. Well, we've got your back - use these apps until then.
enjoy thanksgiving holiday digital free

How to get your guests’ faces out of their phones this Thanksgiving

Sick of dinners where everyone's texting, Instagramming, Facebooking away? Then these tips could help you have a more personable Thanksgiving.
women love snapchat abc app thg 130103 wg

70 percent of Snapchat’s users are women – so why do ladies love the app so much?

What makes Snapchat women's most beloved messaging app? We turned to social media and our friends for some answers.
survey says appending just kidding web comments doesnt make insults ok mad girl on phone

Survey: YouTube and Facebook remain hives of online negativity, teens are leading the charge

According to a recent poll commissioned by the Associated Press and MTV, most kids believe it's normal to post insulting comments online.
pinterest place pins

Pinterest’s new Place Pins feature helps you plan that dream vacation

Pinterest's new Place Pins feature lets you plan out your dream vacation with maps, photos, and collaboration with friends.
holy bible look like written via tweets twible cover large

The Twible reimagines the greatest story ever told … in tweets

If the language of the Bible left you feeling confused and out of touch with the words, then this Twitter breakdown of the good book might be your speed.
yahoo announces flickr photo books new service hopes usurp instagrams reign printable photos books1

Yahoo announces Flickr Photo Books, so you can print more than your Instagrams

Now Instagram images aren't the only photos you can turn into memorabilia; Flickr is now getting the print treatment too.
real meaning behind viral youtube social media experiment jack vale

YouTuber reveals the motivation and victim reactions behind that Social Media Experiment video

Jack Vale tells us why he made the viral Social Media Experiment YouTube video, as well as the various reactions from his victims.
want to know what data facebook has on you a primer get and how it

Everything you need to know about Facebook’s reasserted right to use your content in ads

Facebook took steps to further clarify what it can and can't use in ads - this mostly means it can and it will use whatever it wants.

Check out the evolution of the Twitter logo

Wonder what Twitter looked like before we all knew what Twitter was? Here are some of the earliest attempts at a logo.
new problem solver site reveals twitter asks lot odd questions

New problem-solver site reveals that Twitter asks a lot of odd questions

This site will help you accomplish your goal of becoming Twitter's best answer-giver.
ever desire tweet someone else artists open twitter account chance face

See what it feels like to tweet from a stranger’s Twitter account

We spend a lot of time crafting our online personas - but this artist is challenging this with a new project that gives up control to his Twitter account.
best parental control apps

Snapchat tied to child pornography investigation

Just after Snapchat says no to Facebook's $3 billion buy-out offer, a couple of teens are arrested for promulgating child pornography through the app.
turkey twitter ban controversy news

Twitter is pretty liberal with the term ‘active user’: Only about half tweet once a month

Twitter's user numbers are skyrocketing, but before you go investing (if you even can ...), you should take a look at how many of them actually tweet.
heres machine didnt know wanted artificially intelligent robotic bartender monsieur

This robotic bartender is like a Star Trek replicator for booze

Kickstarter project Monsieur will take your order, and then automatically make you a nice, tall glass of whatever you want.
instagram account intimidating witnesses shut instigates cellphone ban courts stopsnitchin1

Instagram account intimidating witnesses shut down, instigates cellphone ban in courts

The Instagram account exposing witnesses has been suspended and is causing court officials to consider banning cellphones from courtrooms altogether.
5 ways actually make difference lives ravaged typhoon haiyan philippines

5 small ways to help those ravaged by Typhoon Haiyan from home

The Philippines has been devastated by the effects of Typhoon Haiyan. If you want to help, there are a number of easy, online ways to do so.
eliminate twitter facebook feed noise nifty browser extension rather app

Make your Web a better place: Rather replaces social media posts you hate with ones you’ll love

If you're tired of people ruining Facebook and Twitter for you, this browser extension will silence annoying posts forever (and replace them with cat pics).
blue instagram photos get likes anything else according research thumb

According to new research, going blue could get you more Instagram Likes

Wondering how to get those precious double taps? Well blue photos are one way - and there are a few others.
hoot hands

Attention, Android users: Hoot could be the social video chat app you’re looking for

If you love instant messaging but haven't decided on an app yet, Hoot may be one to consider.
good news instagram ads working first ad

Instagram reveals that its ads appear to be working

The numbers relating to the first-ever Instagram ad are out, and they're pretty optimistic.
emoji art exhibition opening new york yes totally legit mona lisa

An emoji art exhibition is opening in New York, and we’ve got a few entry ideas

Emojis are an honest to goodness part of today's tech-driven culture, and the fact that there's an emoji art exhibit in the works is proof enough.
study teens adolescents more risks online on computer

The latest site stealing teens from Facebook is … YouTube

We know that Twitter, Snapchat, and Tumblr have challenged Facebook's ability to retain younger users - but the latest site to steal the youth is YouTube.
love sharing quotable quotes notegraphy app must

Notegraphy brings text back into our visual social apps – and does it beautifully

New app Notegraphy wants to bridge the gap between Instagram photos and status updates.
case avid yelp reviewer get paid rants raves img 0757

Do we deserve rewards for online rants and raves? Some users – and platforms – say yes

Some members of the Elite Yelp community are suing, saying they're unpaid employees. Are they right?

These IFTTT Halloween-themed recipes will digitally get you in the spirit

Need a little help streamlining your way to Halloween fun? These IFTTT recipes will do the trick (or treat - sorry, had to).
internet users prefer use facebook logins signing new online accounts connect with button

Facebook login is quickly conquering the Internet as the de facto account sign-up service

With the social network's popularity on the rise, as long as you have a Facebook account, you can pretty much use almost any site on the Web in the future.
facebooks year review crazy football pope francis disneyland 2013 facebook mouse pointer

Facebook officially hits stalker mode, wants to watch your cursor movements

Just when you thought you'd get away with secretly caressing your crush's photo with your mouse pointer, Facebook finds away to discover your hover habits.
just case infinite scrolling wasnt enough pinterest adds new feature thatll get even hooked pintrest

Infinite scroll not enough? New Pinterest feature will get you even more hooked

If your incessant need to peruse and pin on Pinterest isn't enough, the site has released a new feature that will keep your project-crazy brain preoccupied.
blend app

Blend wants to fill the Facebook-sized hole in the college campus social scene

Facebook's overpopulation problem is bumming the college crowd out. Blend hopes to relive the days when social networking was exclusively for the cool kids.
5 things facebook friends list can tell relationship says study status

According to a new study, Facebook knows when you’re going to get dumped

A recent study analyzes how mutual friends shared by couples affect their romantic relationship. Here's what we were able to find out
scentee cool new mobile device thatll help get momentary hunger

Do you want your Facebook notifications to smell like bacon? Of course you do

If you're broke or on a diet, here's a mobile device that'll make you think you just had a plate of pork chops for dinner.
facebook news feed probably full giraffe profile pics heres fb

Suddenly Facebook friends with a lot of giraffes? Here’s why

Confused by all the giraffe profiles pictures on Facebook? Allow us to help.
photopon hands on

Hands on with Photopon, the app that turns food porn into dinner discounts

Want to get something in return for your countless brunch pictures? Photopon might have the answer.