70 percent of Snapchat’s users are women – so why do ladies love the app so much?


For a simple little app with a pretty basic concept of sending and receiving media messages that disappear in a short time period, Snapchat sure has been receiving a lot of love – it has even rejected a particularly popular suitor, a move that may be perceived as incredibly bold or monumentally dumb. And while the company declined to comment on the actual size of its usership, the fact that it recently surpassed the number of daily photo uploads of Internet behemoth Facebook speaks highly of Snapchat’s rising popularity. In fact, according to a news report, Snapchat has managed to snag the hearts of millions of female users.

In a close-door conference hosted by Goldman Sachs, Snapchat co-founder and CEO Evan Spiegel revealed that 70 percent of the app’s users are women. He also shared that the app’s Stories feature is actually doing well, with over half of Snapchat’s users having tried it already after only a month of being live.

What makes Snapchat so appealing to the female market? We scoured Twitter and Facebook for insight and asked a couple of our acquaintances to shed light on the messaging app’s steadily growing fame.

Because it’s clearly taking texting to a whole new level.

Because on Snapchat, weirdness has a brief shelf life.

“My friends and I like it because it’s a fun way to communicate. It’s like Instagram, but you can be really weird and random and then no one has to see that picture again. I also really just like it instead of having to send a picture over text, it’s one less step. Some girls I know I think tend to like it because when they think they have the perfect selfie they have an excuse to send it out. I know my friend April likes it cause she can send the weirdest faces.” – Vicki 

Because intentionally sending ugly pics is seriously fun.

Because it’s a great boredom buster!


Because it’s great for sharing random thoughts.

“I use it! Daily! Multiple times per day even! RARELY do I send an even semi-sexy selfie. I use it to send random things with captions about my day – very spontaneous, very random, very unplanned, and casual. For example ‘cooking dinner!’ with a pic of the pot, or ‘the 30 is packed’ with a pic of the full bus. I would never send that in a full text or email, it would just be too random.” – Cristina 

Because it inspires creativity.

“I really love using it to get up close to pictures of things/people and then snapping a picture at an angle that makes the image look funny and then sending it to a bunch of people to make them confused.” – Elise

Because it’s an efficient dating app.

“YES! I love Snapchat! I think I like it better than texting because it’s nice to see the other person’s face on the other side. Especially if you are sending something quick to the other person…and since we’re all friends here, I’ll admit that it helped me get laid ;)” – Anonymous

Because apparently, Snapchat teaches the lesson of loving yourself well.

Because obviously, a lot of people love it.


Because it’s great for long-distance relationships.

“I love the video function of Snapchat. A lot of conversations I have with my guy are through video snaps. It’s soooo much more personable than texting and is a good alternative for when we don’t have time to sit down and Skype. I also just use it to send ugly faces to my girlfriends but that’s a whole different story.” – TJ

Because it’s super convenient.

“I don’t really love Snapchat and it’s really not that great. However, I do have fun with it because it’s such an easy way to send pics and videos and 95 percent of the time they go through. If you got Snapchat today, we would communicate 15 times a day.” – Jen