Meet Bendy, a flexible tripod made specifically for vloggers

bendy flexible tripod vloggers

What do you do when you identify the need for a product that doesn’t quite exist yet? If you’re vlogger and entrepreneur Jehu Garcia, you build it.

Throughout his years as a vlogger, Garcia was never happy with any of the tripod designs he came across. They were either too big to travel with or too weak to hold up the camera and microphone he uses for his video shorts.

Since Garcia has a good deal of experience manufacturing video-related products, he decided to take the task upon himself to built a tripod designed specifically for vloggers.

What he ended up with was Bendy, a hybrid-style tripod that takes inspiration from traditional tripods, while blending in the shape of the bendable tripods made famous by Joby GorrillaPods. Bendy, as its name suggests, is capable of being bent in all sorts of directions for wrapping around objects. In addition to having spider-like abilities, it can also operate as a traditional tripod when the legs are straightened out.

The first model Garcia made was for himself, but after realizing vlogger master Casey Neistat also had an issue with tripods, he made a second and sent it out to Neistat to try out.


Not long after Neistat got his hands on Garcia’s custom-made tripod and shared a video showing how well it worked, requests poured in asking if Garcia would bring the product to the consumer market.

Garcia answered. And in a big way. With the help of Kickstarter, he is hoping to build hundreds upon hundreds of these tripods for vloggers who are looking for a better solution.

Being Garcia has worked with suppliers in the past for his lineup of video accessories, little time is needed once — or if — the funds are raised. He already has the CAD models constructed, so all that’s needed is production and assembly, which he expects to be done within a few months after the Kickstarter campaign is complete.

The goal is to eventually get the cost of each Bendy below $100, but Garcia says this can’t happen unless 1,000 Bendy tripods are ordered.

Below is a video from Garcia showing how you can use the Bendy tripod:

Right now, you can still hop in on the early-bird special, which will get you a Bendy tripod for a $100 pledge. The tripod doesn’t come with a ball head mount, so you’ll have to purchase one separately or use on you already own.