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The best camera bag under $70

The life of a photographer entails a lot of travel, and while professional shutterbugs may enjoy hiking around various locations, luggage can be a hassle. Cameras can be heavy, and when you toss in microphones, lights, tripods, and all your other camera accessories, you end up with a ton of equipment to haul around.

Unless you’ve got a team of assistants, chances are you’ll want to carry all that stuff in one bag for the sake of convenience, but the better camera bags on the market can be expensive, and — for those who travel a lot — they can make you an obvious target for thieves who may want to steal your valuable equipment.

A camera bag should be as inconspicuous as a backpack, and safely secure your gear. The Beaspire camera bag does just that.

You could carry your gear in a backpack, but they generally aren’t built for stowing photography equipment, so you’ll probably have to wrap your camera and other sensitive gadgets in order to safeguard them from any potential damage that might occur while on the move. Ideally, a bag should be as inconspicuous as a backpack, and safely secure your tools. The Beaspire waterproof camera bag can do just that, and for a shockingly low price.

On the surface, the Beaspire bag looks rather ordinary. It comes in an assortment of monochrome colors, and besides a small logo adorning the front, there is little in the way of decoration or branding. It’s beautifully minimalist, but the bag really shines when you open it up. It houses a number of pockets within the main compartment, and, more importantly, it touts a padded sleeve designed to accommodate either a tablet or a 16.5-inch laptop.

You may notice that the main compartment is shallow, though, there is a good reason for that. The backpack features a padded compartment that slides out, one that is capable of holding a camera, mics, and a slew of other essential components.

The camera compartment is accessible via zippers on both sides, so you can sling the bag over either shoulder and still grab your camera quickly. The Beaspire also has a designated phone pocket located where the bag sits on your back, so you needn’t worry about pickpockets snatching your phone while you’re galavanting abroad.

It’s a nifty bag, and perhaps best of all, it’s available .

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