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This little black box doubles your camera’s Wi-Fi speed for automatic transfers

CamFi Pro
Most new camera bodies include built-in Wi-Fi, but slow connection speeds mean the feature is limited to sending a few of the best shots or sending everything as two-megapixel versions instead. But startup CamFi is launching a new product that brings Wi-Fi fast enough for automatic transfers at full resolution. The CamFi Pro is a wireless camera controller that uses an 802.11 ac Wi-Fi connection to transfer photos two to three times faster than the built-in feature on most camera bodies.

Most cameras with wireless connection use a 802.11 n, and depending on the size of the photo, sending the image to a computer can take as long as 30 seconds, according to CamFi. By doubling the speed with a faster connection, the CamFi Pro can send images over at a rate of about 10MB/s compared to the 2 MB/s with many built-in connection systems.

That faster connection allows photographers to automatically transmit images, including the larger RAW files, to a smartphone, tablet, or computer. The system also supports the ability to save RAW files to the SD card while sending the JPEGs to the device for the almost instant view of the shot, a feature that’s helpful for shooting in burst modes according to the company’s demonstrations.

Along with the ability to transfer to a computer without a physical tether, CamFi also supports the ability to adjust camera settings remotely using the app, and to watch the adjustments in real time using the live view option in the app. Like other remote camera apps, the CamFi Pro also allows users to create HDR shots or time lapses either via the app or, of course, by using the remote to trigger a selfie. The CamFi Pro also supports focus stacking and multi-camera control and even automatic printing with the CamFi Matrix program.

The CamFi Pro supports several different models from Canon and Nikon and is also one of the few wireless systems to also support some Sony bodies.

CamFi, a company based in China, launched its first wireless controller in 2015. The Pro version incorporates feedback from users of the original system.

The startup is looking to Indiegogo to fund the project beyond the prototype stage. If funding is met and the remainder of the development and manufacturing processes are successful, photographers can pick up the CamFi Pro for $199, a $100 discount from the expected retail price. The company has two months to raise a $5,000 flexible goal, has already surpassed the 20-percent mark.

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