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Belt-worn camera bag lets photogs shoot from the hip, even with big DSLRs

The company that brought back the fanny pack with some photography flair is at it again, and this time with an option designed for DSLRs and larger cameras. The Camslinger Streetomatic+ by Cosyspeed is a belt-worn camera bag designed for quick access to a DSLR with a lens attached.

The Streetomatic+ is larger than Cosyspeed’s earlier options designed more for mirrorless and entry-level (read: small) DSLRs. Measuring 8.1 inches long, the bag uses a flexible back to allow for storing gear with a depth between 3.5 and 4.5 inches. That allows the 6-inch-tall bag to accommodate larger DSLRs, including heftier options like the Canon 5D series, as well as handling mirrorless cameras and fixed lens superzooms, the company says.

The bag also has a separate pocket designed to hold a smartphone, big enough to cradle the iPhone 7 Plus. Inner mesh pockets keep smaller accessories organized.

Like earlier models, the Streetomatic+ is worn with a belt, which is adjustable from 30 inches to 50 inches, or up to 65 inches with an included extender. The bag can also be worn as an over-the-shoulder carry.

Cosyspeed says the larger bag is also designed with style in mind. The duo tone option is constructed with both nylon and a leather made from vegetables. Both materials are water resistant, though a raincover is included as well.

A magnetic buckle helps keep secure while still allowing for the quick access the bag is designed for. The bag can accommodate a camera with a lens attached, while four dividers allow for customizing the interior.

Like earlier Camslingers, the company calls its latest hip bag the fastest camera bag in the world because of that hip access and magnetic closure. Cosyspeed says photographers can pull out their camera in a second with one hand.

Cosyspeed’s new larger belt bag sells for $130.

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