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Inspire your inner artist with Canon's printable coloring pages for adults

canon coloring pages
You may know Canon for its cameras, which use the familiar process of photography to create permanent images with light. It’s a pretty neat trick but what if you wanted to create an image without using light? Say, by coloring one. Well, not to worry, Canon still has you covered, thanks to its new printable coloring pages for adults.

Coloring has seen a resurgence among adults in recent years as a way to relieve stress and gain focus and Canon is getting in on the action with its own pages. There are over 125 designs to choose from with a diverse set of subject matter that includes wildlife, scenery, fantasy, abstract patterns, and inspirational quotes. Many designs are incredibly intricate and some may even be challenging, at least to those of us who usually stick to cameras.

Canon says its coloring pages will help you channel your inner artist by offering “relaxing, therapeutic designs to quiet the mind and awaken the spirit.” The company also compiled a list of tips and tricks and color combinations to try to help get you started.

In sourcing the designs, Canon worked with DO Magazine and Blue Star Coloring, a pioneer in the adult coloring book world. Canon’s coloring pages also include exclusives from renowned artist Johanna Basford, creator of several popular coloring books.

Before you go thinking you will just pop these babies into Photoshop and call it a day, Canon has taken steps to ensure nobody cheats. While many designs can be previewed online, full versions can only be accessed via Canon’s Pixma Cloud Link service, which requires a compatible printer. The files can be downloaded and printed through Canon’s Print mobile app or from the LCD screen of the printer, itself.

If you are a Canon Pixma printer owner with access to Cloud Link, you can print Canon’s coloring pages now through the Cloud option in the app or on your printer.

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