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Turn yourself into a collectible lifelike figurine with 60 DSLRs and a 3D printer

create a lifelike figurine of yourself with 60 dslrs and 3d printer captured dimensions jordan bust

What looks like a prop setup on a science-fiction movie set is actually an elaborate system designed by a Texas photo studio for creating 3D prints and miniature figurines. Instead of using a dedicated 3D scanner (like the Artec Eva) Captured Dimensions hacked together 60 DSLRs in a 360-degree setup that, according to PetaPixel, “capture a subject from every angle, providing data that can be fed into a 3D printer that builds a layer-by-layer repica out of a sandstone-like gypsum material.” This setup can create lifelike replicas of subjects, making a 3D printer more useful beyond just household goods.

The DSLRs are set for simultaneous shutter release via remote control. The subject being shot will have to sit for about 30 minutes, during which several shots are taken (you don’t actually have to sit in one particular position for the half-hour, which would be a nightmare if you’re photographing pets or children). Depending on the size, the fee costs between $445 (1/12 scale) to $2,295 (1/5). So far, Capture Dimensions, which was started by photographer Jordan Williams, has done several sessions already, with 3D figures for custom wedding cake toppers being one of the more popular requests.

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 (Images by Captured Dimensions via PetaPixel via Daily Mail)

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