DJI’s Inspire 1 camera mount uses borrowed drone tech to stabilize your 4K shots

Let’s be honest, 4K resolution hasn’t quite broken into the mainstream yet. But it’s getting closer, and you can bet companies like DJI are prepping the best methods for capturing said footage while we wait for the high-res cams to take hold. The Inspire 1 camera mount is a prime example, one designed to make your job as ace videographer a whole lot easier. After all, Cloverfield is proof shaky-cam isn’t for everyone.

Showcased alongside DJI’s slew of commercial drones at CES 2015, the intuitive mounting lets you film in two distinct modes. The first fixes the equipped camera’s direction, so it’s always pointed at your subject regardless of how you move. The second relies on a motorized gimbal that pivots to allow for smooth panning and intelligent tilting based on your movements. The latter mode is directly culled from technology built into one of DJI’s most recent quadcopters, but the Inspire 1 is crafted more for handheld use than aerial shots.

Inspire 1

The simple device also offers more than a nifty mounting mechanism. The streamlined handle features buttons for controlling the shutter and recording playback, along with a built-in switch for toggling between photo and video mode anytime during the rechargeable battery’s 70-minute duration. It houses an integrated microphone on the side as well, in addition to a basic mount for attaching your mobile device and a jack for using a more capable, external mic on the go.

The Inspire 1 will arrive some time in 2015 at a price not yet announced.

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