Eye-Fi Pro SDHC Card Enables Ad-Hoc Wi-Fi Networking

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Eye-Fi has announced a new Eye-Fi Pro SDHC memory card that combines 4 GB of storage with integrated Wi-Fi wireless connectivity so users can transfer photos and video to their computers without having to mess with cables or other connectivity. And, if users happen to be in a spot with wireless Internet access, the Eye-Fi Pro enables users to upload photos and videos directly to online sharing sites.

“People [..] have moved from being casual photographers to passionate enthusiasts, shooting in RAW for more extensive editing, adding geotags for a richer experience, or using an online gallery to share their work,” said Eye-Fi CEO Jef Holove, in a statement. “These people are looking for tools that advance the art of photography and make it more efficient—and the Eye-Fi Pro does both.”

The Eye-Fi Pro supports uploading images and videos directly to more than two dozen online photo and video sharing sites, and can automatically geotag photos with information about where images were taken. The Eye-Fi Pro also supports RAW images in addition to JPEG and other image and video formats. A new Selective Transfer feature also lets users select which specific photos and videos they want to transfer, rather than using an all-or-nothing approach—users just use a camera’s “lock” feature to indicate which images or videos they want to transfer. (The Selective Transfer feature is free and available now for all Eye-Fi cards.)

Using the Eye-Fi Pro doesn’t require an Internet connection or router: users can establish an ad-hoc connection to a Wi-Fi enabled computer without any additional hardware or software.

The Eye-Fi Pro is available now from Eye-Fi and Amazon.com for a suggested price of $149.