Filmmaker known for using DSLRs creates short video with Barbie camera

filmmaker known using dslrs creates short video playing barbie dolls philip bloom

Before you dismiss your kid’s request for a Barbie Video Girl doll/camera hybrid entirely, you should know that this low-res video-capable toy could lead to a future career in filmmaking. Just ask Philip Bloom.

Bloom is a noted British cinematographer and filmmaker who is well known for his work using digital cameras. His experience rangers from documentaries and feature films, having shot scenes with Canon DSLRs for the movie Red Tails. He’s no stranger to employing regular consumer and prosumer digital cameras to get that shot, including the Barbie Video Girl. 

The kids at DigitalRev recently presented Bloom with their Cheap Camera Challenge, which called for him to produce a short film around three subjects with the kids’ toy. The 1.6-megapixel camera embedded inside Barbie could capture only 240p video resolution, but that didn’t stop Bloom from taking on the challenge. Check out the video of Bloom playing with Barbie and the film he created.

(Via Fstoppers)