The Flexy Paw guarantees distraction-free selfies with your dear dog

Pet owners know only too well how tricky it can be to get a decent photo of their four-legged buddy, as the animal’s attention span often wanders before you have a chance to press the shutter.

That’s why Los Angeles-based Paw Champs decided to create the Flexy Paw, a bendy smartphone attachment that will ensure you have your dog or cat’s full and undivided attention. Well, for a few seconds longer than usual, at least.

The simple device features a clip at either end, one to attach to your phone and the other to hold your pet’s favorite snack. Yes, that’s how you get their full and undivided attention.

The two clips are joined by a flexible arm similar in design to the one seen with Joby’s popular Gorillapod or its GripTight One device. This means you can easily move the snack around, positioning it just out of shot to get Rover or Tigger looking almost directly into the lens.

While it’s true that you could hold the treat in one hand and press the shutter with the other, the Flexy Paw aims to offer more stability for your shots by freeing up both hands so you can steady your smartphone, and also guarantees your fingers won’t enter the frame and spoil the picture.

But the Flexy Paw really comes into its own when you want to grab a selfie with your favorite four-legged friend. On these occasions, there’s no easy way to hold the smartphone and the snack in your hands at the same time, so the attachment gives you a much better chance of capturing an image worth keeping.

Any downsides? Well, if you use the Flexy Paw a lot, then the mere act of reaching for your smartphone might end up sending your mutt into a tail-wagging, salivating frenzy. But apart from that, you should be just fine.

The Flexy Paw is currently a Kickstarter project and you can pre-order it for $16. Assuming the campaign runs as planned, shipping worldwide will start in November, with free delivery available for customers in the United States.


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