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This incredibly tacky mount could replace selfie sticks and GoPro accessories

One startup company is working to ensure that GoPro users are limited only by their imagination, not their mounts — and the idea is almost as simple as chewing gum. GekkoGum, a fully funded Kickstarter, turns any action camera — or smartphone — into a stick-anywhere camera with a tacky gum capable of holding cameras up to seven ounces.

Resembling a big wad of gum — or perhaps that blue sticky tack for mounting posters — the GekkoGum adheres to the back of the camera and then almost any other surface imaginable, according to developers the Gear Crew anyways. The startup says that GekkoGum adheres to almost every surface. Silicone and skin are noted exceptions, though the product’s page does not say anything about using the sticky mount in wet conditions.

The company says that GekkoGum, named for the stick of a gecko’s feet, does not stick to skin. The tacky mount is stored in an included pouch and the Gear Crew says that GekkoGum does not dry out, either.

Along with being used as a universal action camera mount, GekkoGum can also replace selfie sticks by adhering a smartphone to a nearby surface and using the self-timer.

GekkoGum is made with a rubber compound, according to the Kickstarter page, allowing it to stick to multiple surfaces. Users can also wash the material with water to get rid of any debris that sticks where it doesn’t belong.

While the idea may seem tacky to some — pun intended — GekkoGum has already reached full funding on Kickstarter with the Munich-based company now at over $14,000 with 11 days remaining in the campaign. Organizers say production will begin in December with shipping to follow in January. The stick-anywhere mount is available for pledges starting at about $17.

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