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Boost your photography skills by studying the composition of the greats

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One of the easiest ways to improve the photographs you capture is to work on composition. Something as simple as following the rule of thirds can take a photo from “good” to “great” with only a little more effort.

It’s easy enough to look up the various rules of composition, but sometimes real-world examples help more than anything. It’s for that reason Raymond Thi created Geometric Shots, a website dedicated to collecting and detailing geometrically composed stills from iconic films and TV shows.

What’s clever about the site is its organization structure. If you’re simply looking for a little random inspiration, you can scroll through the site and check out the latest annotated stills Thi has uploaded. If you have a specific composition style in mind, you can narrow down your search using the menu or search options, both of which rely on a set of tags to categorize each “rule” or “guide” seen in the still frame.

Currently, Thi offers the following categories as options in the menu: Triangle, quadrant, circle, vanishing point, symmetry, diagonal, halves, and thirds.


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Geometric Shots is a simple website, but it’s the lack of fluff that makes it a great resource for those bite-sized pieces of inspiration. Between it and the other social media resources Thi shares his annotated stills on, there’s no reason you can’t keep up with little snippets of real-world examples you can follow to step up your own photography game.


A photo posted by Composition Cam (@comp_cam) on

To see the full collection of images, head on over to the Geometric Shots website. You can also follow along with the latest posts on its Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook page.

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