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Your wedding day, from the photographer’s perspective

GoPro Behind the Scenes Wedding Photography
We have all seen wedding images, they are some of the most powerful and emotional imagery that we have of an event in our lives. But what does a wedding look like from the camera’s perspective? Take a peek behind the curtain of this wedding from New Jersey based photographer Tom Harmon, showing you what the camera sees while you are busy getting hitched.

“I strapped a GoPro to my camera for an entire wedding to show you my point of view. What you see is the actual seconds I am taking the photo, using several different lenses and lighting techniques.” Tom says of the video.

Honestly, it’s a far cry from the emotionally powerful images that we are used to seeing from a wedding, but it gives you a unique look at what a photographer sees and experiences at your nuptials, everything from standing on chairs, to taking images of rings on a pillow, to standing on top of a building to capture the groomsmen off in the distance.

What we loved about this video, beyond the interesting perspective, was that Tom Harmon included some of his final images sprinkled into each scene. This is a nice reminder of what the camera is actually capturing, beyond what we are seeing from the GoPro footage in the rest of the video.

The first dance, the bridesmaids reveal, the couple’s images alone in the barn. These are moments immortalized by a photographer, captured by a camera and remembered for a lifetime by those involved. This unique perspective, through the eyes of the photographer and camera, just highlights how much professional photographers do to show these moments in their best light, so that for generations to come these events can be remembered for the joyous occasions that they are.

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