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Kipon makes using a lens converter more fun with built-in variable ND filter

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Kipon / Adorama
Lens adapters allow photographers to expand their options beyond just a single mount size, but now the lens accessory designer Kipon has added another option — a built-in neutral density filter. Earlier this week, Kipon announced the EF-S/E AF ND lens adapter, which allows Sony E mount users to shoot Canon lenses.

The adapter is compatible with both Canon EF and EF-S lenses, allowing photographers using Sony’s full frame cameras to use Canon’s more extensive lens collection. Adapters like this one can also make the switch from a DSLR to a mirrorless outfit less expensive by avoiding the need to purchase new lenses.

The adapter includes a variable neutral density filter that allows the photographer — or the videographer — to limit the amount of light entering the camera. The filter can be adjusted between 1.5 and 7 stops. Photographers often use neutral density filters for shooting long exposures during the day, or sometimes for more control over the exposure settings to achieve bokeh effects in bright conditions. Neutral density filters are also commonly used by videographers for more flexibility in the exposure settings, since the video’s shutter speed is determined by the frame rate.

A wheel on the adapter barrel allows the user to set the intensity of the neutral density filter.

Kipon says that the lens adapter still allows electronic communication with the camera, which means functions like the autofocus and image stabilization will still work. That maintained communication also means that the lens data remains intact inside the image’s metadata.

The adapter isn’t Kipon’s first to include a built-in filter, but it is the China-based company’s first option with a neutral density filter. The company previously released options with graduated neutral density filters.

The adapter expands on Kipon’s previous adapter options, including a filter-free adapter. The latest adapter is available now, with a $428 list price.

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