Kodak 14MP DCS Pro SLR Review

Quote from the review:

“On February 12th 2004 Kodak announced the new DCS Pro SLR/n, an improved version of the 14n. Improvements included a redesigned sensor, a new type of filter over the sensor surface, new analog and digital boards and new software features. Just over one month later at CeBIT Kodak announced the SLR/c a new digital SLR with the heart of the SLR/n but in a new body and with a Canon lens mount. This is Kodak’s first Canon mount digital SLR since 1998’s DCS 560.

Anyone who has seen the Sigma SA9 / SD9 / SD10 should instantly recognize the shape of the top of the camera and the controls, the rest of the body is obviously custom made for Kodak and to be honest this isn’t the prettiest or most ergonomically friendly camera, but then neither is the SLR/n (or was the 14n).”

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