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Rumor: Teaser image shows Kodak might release a smartphone on October 20th

kodak teases image photo smartphone branded teaser
Kodak isn’t nearly as synonymous with photography as it was throughout the latter half of the 20th century, but the company is far from giving up.

A recently released teaser photo from Kodak, which has since been taken down, shows what appears to be a dedicated shutter-release button bearing the iconic Kodak logo on the side of a smartphone device.

Not much can be seen from the image, other than the button, a bezel, and the edge of a display. But with the text “20 OCT 2016” above the unknown device, the rumor mill is churning with the potential of a new smartphone announcement.

Kodak getting into the smartphone business is nothing new. In 2015 at CES, Kodak showed off the IM5, a Kodak-branded smartphone designed in collaboration with the Bullitt Group. Despite the initial attention the IM5 gained around the blogging world, not much came of it.

Kodak IM5 smartphone unveiled at CES 2015
Kodak IM5 smartphone unveiled at CES 2015

With only an ambiguous — and since deleted — image to go off of, there is not much to take away from the teaser. If you had to make a wager,  the smart money would be on a collaboration between Kodak and another smartphone company, akin to the partnership between Huawei and Leica.

It could be something as simple as a dedicated Kodak app for taking photos or something as dramatic as a Kodak-manufactured camera array.

Whatever it is, we are only eight days away from finding out. So mark your calendars and keep an eye out for what Kodak has in store. Who knows, maybe we will get a smartphone capable of shooting 110 Kodak film.

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