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LandscapePro offers advanced edits of landscape photos with minimal know-how

The company behind PortraitPro has set their sights on the horizon. Anthropics Technology recently announced the release of LandscapePro, a software designed to expand the possibilities of landscape photography without the advanced learning curve of programs like Photoshop.

The software, available in both a basic mode and studio version with a Photoshop plugin and RAW support, includes basic presets, but since those are readily available with almost any photo editor, that’s not the biggest draw. What’s different about LandscapePro is the adjustments that can be applied to specific parts of the picture, but still rather simply.

By dragging labels for things like the water and sky, users tell the program what’s where, then can choose from a set of presets for that specific region. For example, after labeling the sky, then drawing out any abnormalities the program doesn’t automatically pick up on, users can swap out a boring gray sky for a stormy one or easily add in a sunset. That wedding photo that was ruined by an overcast sky could be transformed with a sunnier backdrop.

LandscapePro mixes the best of presets with specific edits without the complexity or subscription price of Photoshop. The trade-off for that simplicity? The program looks very easy to overdo, creating images that were obviously touched up.

For casual users that don’t want to dig into editing too deep though, Landscape Pro looks to be at least worth trying out the free trial. After that, the program is currently $40 for the basic version and another $20 on top of that for the Photoshop plug-in and RAW capabilities. Check out the following videos that demonstrate the various effects you can make to enhance your landscape photos.

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