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Leica expands camera personalization program to include M Monochrom

Who says a camera that shoots only black-and-white photos can’t use a little flair? Last week, Leica added the austere M Monochrom digital rangefinder to its “a la carte” customization program. Previously, the program had been available only to the standard M, which is somewhat of a wild child, being able to shoot in color and all.

As first seen on DPReview, Leica issued a press release about the updated program in which the company outlined many of the personalization options available to M Monochrom buyers. The choices begin with the camera body itself, which is now available in a black-paint, black-chrome, or new silver-chrome finish. The top plate can be ordered with or without the iconic “red dot” Leica logo on the front and the classic Leica brand and model engraving on the top. Custom engravings can also be added to the top or rear of the camera in either black or red. Buyers can choose either plain text or can upload a PDF for a unique design, such as a signature.

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The best way to make your M Monochrom stand out, however, is with the new leather trim options. Colors range from the standard black to “eye-catching colors such as khaki.” Yes, only a German manufacturer of a camera that shoots exclusively in black and white (and charges more for it) would refer to khaki as an eye-catching color. (Okay, in fairness, they also went on to list red and blue.)

The finishing touch on the customization process comes from a selection of leather neck straps, which can be ordered either to match or contrast with the chosen trim color on the camera.

As far as personalization programs are concerned, “a la carte” doesn’t go quite as deep as some others we’ve seen (Microsoft’s recently announced Xbox Design Lab comes to mind). Still, it’s impressive that Leica, a company that seemingly prides itself on minimalist design, has such a program at all. Prospective buyers can now design and preview their M Monochrom (or standard M) through the online design simulator.

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