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Leica’s $15,000 special edition M-P Grip is all about the … well, grip

leica m p grip 1
Leica is no stranger to one-off special editions. The German camera manufacturer often releases new variants of current models with a refreshed look (it even partnered with Lenny Kravitz for a pre-distressed M-P). But the company’s latest special edition is one of the rarest yet: The M-P Grip by Rolf Sachs will see just 79 units produced.

With such low production numbers, the camera must be finished in platinum or some other rare material, right? Nope, it’s rubber. In fact, Leica says the material is based on that of a table tennis paddle (no joke). The traditional leather trim has been removed, replaced by a bright red rubber that wraps around the camera, giving it a bold look.


The rubber is covered with nubs that further augment the appearance and make for a very grippy handhold. Leica says the camera offers an “extraordinary visual and tactile experience that inspires the passion for photography in an entirely new way.”

It will also have to inspire your bank account, as the camera costs $14,950. That’s actually not the most expensive special edition Leica makes, with the M Leica 60 going for $18,500.


Along with the new grip (which, we admit, does look pretty cool), the camera gets a few other unique visual touches. The buttons and function wheels are all finished in black with red engravings, the Rolf Sachs name is etched in the back, and each camera bears a unique special edition number.

Other than that, the camera is identical to the standard Leica M-P (Typ 240), which is itself a pretty rare bird to see in the wild. If you want to own an exclusive version of an already exclusive camera, you can put your pre-order in now. The M-P Grip will be available exclusively from Leica retail stores worldwide starting October 31.

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