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Lensbaby optics get up close and personal with new $50 macro filter kit

The characteristic bokeh and unique look of LensBaby optics is gaining new features. On Thursday, January 11, Lensbaby announced the 46mm macro filter kit. The Lensbaby macro kit allows several lenses in the lineup to get closer shots, expanding the capability of several existing optics.

The macro filter kit includes three filters, each with a different magnification level, including a +1, +2 and +4 option. Stacking the filters allows for even more magnifying effects. The circular filters screw onto the front of the lens to boost the magnification. Multiple lens coatings help enhance the contrast of the filter, the company says.

The company says the latest launch expands the Lensbaby family with more tools to expand creativity. “Photographers see the world differently through Lensbaby lenses, in ways that open up a big world of creative possibilities,” Lensbaby Chief Creative Officer and Co-Founder Craig Strong said, “Our macro filter kit lets you experience this freedom in a new, up-close-and-personal way.”

The 46mm set is compatible with the Sweet 35, Sweet 50, Edge 50, Edge 80, Twist 60 and Creative Bokeh lenses. The set is also compatible with the company’s macro converters.

The macro filters aren’t the lens maker’s first try at filters either — Lensbaby launched another filter set in October of last year with an eight-point star, three-stop neutral density, and a circular polarizer. The new set of macro filters is available from the company’s website for around $50 for the complete set.

Macro filters are affordable options for adding close-up capabilities to a regular lens, along with options like lens converters, extension tubes, and reverse mount rings. By altering the optics, the accessories allow traditional lenses to shoot a bit closer without the investment in a dedicated macro lens.

The new lens filters join Lensbaby’s line of lenses and accessories. The Portland, Oregon-based company is known for its unique lenses that often apply special bokeh effects to the background, like the swirly bokeh with the Twist 60 or the unusual focus effects from using the flexible (yes, flexible) Spark lens. Along with its line of DSLR and mirrorless lenses, Lensbaby also offers smartphone lenses.

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