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YouTuber captures bullet whacking five light bulbs at 62,000 frames per second

Bullet Hitting Light Bulbs in Slow Motion
If there is one thing that we might all agree on, it is that slow motion makes everything better. This is especially the case here, where a YouTuber known as Crazy Russian Hacker captures some absolutely incredible footage of five light bulbs exploding as a bullet flies through them.

This isn’t iPhone 6s 200+ frames per second video either. No, this was shot at an insane 62,000 frames per second. Fast enough to capture the bullet moving through each light bulb individually before leaving the frame. You can see individual shards of glass flying away from what was once a light bulb, with glowing bits of filament spinning off into the area around it.

To create the video the team set up in what looks to be a large field out in the countryside. Using orange cones to designate the danger zone and shooting toward a hill, the shooter managed to nail all five bulbs on the first shot. That last bulb is especially gnarly to watch, as you can see what look to be flashes as the bulb dissolves into a million tiny pieces. Safety needs to be of the utmost priority when shooting any sort of rounds, and it looks as if the team here took ample measures in that regard.

It’s amazing what amateur filmmakers are able to accomplish with today’s technology. It wasn’t all that long ago that in order to film something like this it would have had to be done with an ultra expensive camera rig that would be out of the reach of an average consumer, even just to rent for a day. We don’t know exactly what gear Crazy Russian Hacker used for this video, but the list of those capable of 62,000 FPS is not too long.

Whatever was used, the result is pretty incredible.

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