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Lytro heads into production, readies for debut

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All’s been quiet on the Lytro front since the conceptual digital photography company announced itself back in June. After quite the headline-stealing debut, we’ve been waiting with bated breath for any word on the focus-and-refocus manufacturer.

Finally, a little news about where things are heading for the revolutionary camera. According to AllThingsD, Lytro has been busy getting units into elite professionals’ hands for trial runs, doing their own photo shoots, and working on the hardware. Units are slated to go on sale later this year and should be announced within the next few months.

“Engineering and operations teams are currently conducting all of the typical activities you undertake to bring a product to market, such as manufacturing tests, certifications, and supply chain preparation,” a Lytro representative tells us.

While scoring a coveted Lytro camera for testing is anything but easy, you can sign up on the company’s site and cross your fingers.

One thing to keep in mind: Yes, Lytro’s new technology is amazing but say goodbye to JPG, GIF, PNG file types. The camera’s refocusing capability means it will also introduce a different platform to view the images it produces. Of course the real questions we can’t wait to have answered are what will it look like and how much will it cost?

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