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This new bokeh-friendly lens is ideal for artists

meyeroptik trimagon ens trimagon2
Meyer-Optik, the company behind a Kickstarter campaign for “soap-bubble” bokeh lenses, today announced a new Trimagon F2.6/95 portrait lens. The new offering features a classic triplet lens design with a unique 15-blade aperture that gives the lens a pleasing artistic bokeh with minimal reflection.

“While the Trioplan 100 restored Meyer-Optik’s long lens to the artistic photography market, the Trimagon 95 provides professionals a dynamic modern lens that delivers extraordinary portraits and natural-looking photographs,” said Dr. Stefan Immes, CEO, Meyer-Optik Goerlitz. “The remarkable nature of the lens is its rendering of secondary light, specifically providing realistic reflections of the finest structures.”

trimagonAs with all of Myer-Optik’s latest lenses, each unit will be 100-percent handmade in Germany, which gives the Trimagon a bit of class that we don’t often see in today’s lens market. The new lens will be compatible with all major modern lens mounts including Canon and Nikon at present, with mirrorless designs for Panasonic, Olympus, Fuji, and Sony coming as well.

No time frame was given on any of the mounts beyond Canon and Nikon, which are already available for pre-order on the Myer-Optik website.

Lens Specs

  • Light intensity & focal length: f2.6-22; 95mm
  • Optical design: 3 elements in 3 assembly units
  • Angle of view: 25°
  • Filter diameter: 52mm
  • Optical assembly as a classic triplet (3 lenses/3 units)
  • Iris diaphragm with 15 specially calculated steel aperture blades with special anti-reflection coating

It will cost you if you want to take advantage of this handmade German lens, though. The announced price is 1,699 euros, so you can likely expect the U.S. price to be just shy of $1,900 based on the current exchange rate. Start saving those pennies, the lens is expected to be available starting in early summer, 2016.

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