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‘Lazy photographer’s tripod’ fundraising effort exceeds goal in a single day

Mini Plaster Hand Project
A startup that nicknamed their device the lazy photographer’s tripod must be on to something — the product’s Indiegogo campaign just exceeded its funding goal in a single day.

Designed by Miniorenji (meaning a small orange), a Hong Kong-based company, the Mini Plaster Hand turns any railing into a stabilization system with a simple nylon belt and an aluminum alloy platform. The product can be used alone or with a tripod head for flexibility. Since the design incorporates a standard thread size, the system can also be used with hot shoe flashes and other accessories. The strap “tripod” can also be used with a bag hook to add a counterweight.

After folding up the strap system, the Mini Plaster Hand can slide into a pocket and weighs about 3.5 ounces. The tiny system has been rated to hold up to 5.5 pounds when mounted on a 2.5-inch railing. The device is designed to be used where tripods are banned because of their wide stance.

The developer was inspired to create the product after he left his bulky tripod at home and then tried to stabilize his camera on a railing, but still had to shoot with a high ISO. So why the unusual name? The developer took the product’s name from a saying that says you need a pair of plaster hands to take a good photograph at night.

Early project backers can get a Mini Plaster Hand with a compact camera ball head for $40 plus shipping, or upgrade to both the small ball head and one with a 6.6-pound capacity for $45. Details on an estimated shipping time are not available yet, but the campaign did manage to reach its goal in a just one day.

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