New DSLR release rumors from Canon and Nikon

canon and nikonAccording to Canon Rumors, the legacy brand will introduce a new DSLR tomorrow. Speculation from over the past year says this will be a new addition to Canon’s 1D lineup, a series which has been heralded for its remarkably fast image processing speeds.

For those only vaguely aware of digital cameras, it’s the professional-looking Canon that is nearly a perfect square, with the lens sitting higher than you’re used to seeing. While further details have been sparse, the camera is expected to shoot mind-blowing rates of 12-14fps and kick it up to a 61-point autofocus system. It’s also projected to shoot up to ISO 51,200 thanks to an 18-megapixel sensor. From the sounds of it, Canon’s going to keep the loyalty of action shooters with its new D-series release.

Not to be outdone, Nikon is also supposedly bringing a new camera to the table. Nikon Rumors claims that next week the Nikon D800 is speculated to boast a 36-megapixel sensor, a 3+-inch LCD, and an ISO range of 100-6400. Keep an eye out for news on the anticipated releases.  

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