Bling your Nikon DSLR with this new stainless steel hot-shoe cover

Nikon is giving its DSLR users the chance to add some bling to their device with the launch of a new stainless steel hot-shoe cover. However, the recently announced ASC-01 cover doesn’t come cheap, with buyers asked to hand over $35 if they want to add the shiny hot-shoe cover to their shooter.

Whether you think it looks pretty or pretty awful depends, of course, on your personal taste; but looks aside, the small metal square will protect the camera’s hot shoe from knocks as well as dust and grit when an external flash isn’t in use, which for many DSLR users is most of the time.

Until recently, Nikon bundled a cheap plastic hot-shoe cover with its DSLR cameras, but that’s no longer the case. However, for those who’d like a Nikon-made cover for their camera’s hot shoe, but would rather not spend out on its newly released attention-grabbing attachment, the plastic alternative (BS-1) is still available, costing a more reasonable $2.

Meanwhile, the ASC-01 is currently only on sale in Japan, though U.S.-based Nikon DSLR users who rather like the idea of adding the company’s latest accessory to the top of their camera can pick one up from eBay here. It fits with all of Nikon’s DSLR shooters except the top-end D4S, D4, D3X, and D3 models.

[Nikon Rumors via PetaPixel]

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