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Phase One reimagines its 100-megapixel camera, makes it more ‘affordable’

phase one iq1 100 megapixel 100mp side
Phase One
Phase One’s medium format cameras have probably never been described as affordable, but the firm’s latest camera back is the manufacturer’s cheapest 100-megapixel sensor — costing a cool $33,000.

The Phase One IQ1, announced during Photokina this week, offers the same technical quality as the $44,000 IQ3, but sacrifices a few usability features. The IQ1 sports the same 100 megapixels, as well as an identical set of specifications for 16-bit color and 15 stops of dynamic range.

But what photographers looking for medium format won’t find are a few of the features that help simplify shots, including Live View. The electronic shutter is also absent, as is the Wi-Fi and HDMI connection port.

While the digital back is the most affordable 100-megapixel sensor developed by Phase One, it’s the flagship of their baseline IQ1 series, which also includes 50 and 80-megapixel options. The 100-megapixel version is expected to ship this month.

Along with repacking its 100-megapixel back into a more affordable option, Phase One also introduced two new Schneider Kreuznach lenses, designed to handle the resolution of its 100-megapixel shooters.

The new 150mm LS f/2.8 is the Blue Ring lineup’s widest telephoto lens for producing shallow depth of field. Constructed with a leaf shutter, the lens is also capable of speeds up to 1/4000, with an impressive 1/1000 flash sync speed. The lens is expected to ship for $6,990.

The Schneider Kreuznach 45mm f/3.5, on the other hand, is designed with a much wider angle, though with a narrower aperture. Phase One says the lens is designed for edge-to-edge sharpness with nearly distortion-free results. The lens also boasts a 1/1600 flash sync speed. The 45mm will list for $6,990.

Along with the new camera and lenses, Phase One also released version 9.3 of its editing software, Capture One Pro, to accommodate several new cameras and lenses. Along with the enhanced compatibility, the program also allows users to save monitor profiles when editing.

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