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Phottix Odin II brings wireless high-speed sync flash to Sony shooters

Sony shooters have traditionally been more limited in their off-brand, off-camera wireless flash choices than competitors like Nikon and Canon, but they now have an option that includes high-speed sync (HSS) and auto or through-the-lens (TTL) shooting thanks to the introduction of the Phottix Odin II trigger.

While the Odin II for Canon and Nikon was announced earlier this year, the Sony version was released this week. The Oddin II isn’t Phottix’s first trigger for Sony, but extends the company’s latest tech to the brand. While Sony options tend to be a bit more limited, the Odin II isn’t without competition with options like the Interfit and Yongnuo, though those don’t include HSS or TTL.

The Phottix Odin II supports high-speed sync, allowing for flash to be used with shutter speeds up to 1/8000, as well as second-curtain sync. Users can use both TTL or manual flash modes, adjusting the settings from the transceiver without having to access the flash directly.

The flash trigger expands Phottix’s broad lineup to include Sony mirrorless and SLT shooters. The trigger allows for wireless control of up to 332 feet with 32 different channels in five groups. Photographers shooting in big groups can personalize by punching in a four digit number to prevent firing off other photographer’s flashes if those 32 channels aren’t enough.

A control wheel at the back of the transceiver allows for quick adjustments, while a large (and lit) screen displays the settings for up to five flash groups at once. The menu within the flash gives users more control over how they use their device with customizable settings.

The Odin II trigger is compatible with Phottix’s Mitros+ Speedlight and the Indura360 and Indura500 monolights. The trigger also doubles as an autofocus assist light for Sony SLT cameras.

The Phottix Odin II is now shipping, with a list price of $209.95.

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