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Pocket Tripod keeps your smartphone photos steady, fits neatly in a wallet

Three years ago, Geometrical sought to end the era of terrible mobile tripods. The result was Pocket Tripod, a card-sized iPhone stand designed to rotate 360-degrees and fit inside your wallet. Now, Geometrical is back with a new and improved Pocket Tripod.

In the three years since the original Pocket Tripod’s release, the most requested feature has been to make a new version that supported smartphones with cases around them.

Pocket Tripod 2-1 (dragged)

Being the entrepreneurial souls they are, Geometrical teamed up with several smartphone case manufacturers to create an entirely new lineup of Pocket Tripods capable of fitting almost any smartphone and case combination you can throw its way.

But rather than simply make the mounting opening larger, which would cause small and midsize phones to be more wobbly, the team behind Pocket Tripod decided to make an entire range of sizes.

Pocket Tripod 3

Pending stretch goals on Kickstarter, the Geometrical team hopes to produce Pocket Tripods with mounting plates as small as 5.5mm and as large as 12.5mm. These sizes are said to account for any future (and thinner smartphone devices) as well as those with more bulky cases, such as the borderline indestructible Lifeproof series.

Like their single-sized predecessor, these new Pocket Tripods are equal to two credit cards stacked on top of each other. Likewise, they feature a smooth tilt feature that will make sure your device stays still whether in portrait or landscape orientation.

All of the “Early Bird” specials are gone as of this writing, but for an $18 pledge, you can pick up your own second-generation Pocket Tripod. You’ll be able to choose the size and color, so long as it’s black or white.

The campaign has already blown past its initial $6,000 funding goal (an understatement since the company has raised nearly $50,000, with still 41 days to go), so it shouldn’t be a matter of if, but when. To find out more and secure your Pocket Tripod, head on over to the Kickstarter campaign.

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