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Polaroid targets party crowd with shot glass mount for its action cam

polaroid shot glass mount cube
Part of what has made action cams so popular since GoPro championed the concept years ago was the ability to mount these little cameras almost anywhere to capture that epic hero shot. The action-camera market has become much more crowded since those days, though, and companies are looking for any way to differentiate their offerings from the competition.

Polaroid is taking a unique approach to the situation. The storied photography brand is not adding new helmet or handlebar mounts to attract extreme sports enthusiasts. In fact, it is focusing on something completely different — party action. The latest accessory for its cube-shaped action cams is none other than a shot glass mount, and we’ve found ourselves wondering why no one has thought of this before.

The product is basically a shot glass with an extra-long base appropriately shaped to hold the cube action camera in place, with notches to make pulling it out or accessing it easier.

So far, it doesn’t appear that anyone has made use of the new mount — and we did our fair share of looking. But truth be told, we’re pretty certain that this is going to be responsible for some absolutely glorious (and regrettable for those involved) footage in the coming months.

We have seen in the past how much fun action-cam-mounted drinking videos can be — you saw that fireball reception video, right?! So there is no doubt in our minds that this has potential, especially given the price. The Shot Glass Camera Mount for Polaroid Cube and Cube+ is $15 and available now from Amazon, making it the perfect gift for the videographer or photographer in your life.

Consider it an investment in the gut-wrenching laughter you will have when they inevitably upload some of their footage.

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