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Revision helps you create before-after image comparisons of your photo editing

revision before after comparison app featured
Whether you are a professional photographer who needs to impress clients, a photo retoucher applying for a job, or a Photoshop educator looking to attract new students, being able to show before-and-after samples of your image editing could be really helpful. While there are plenty of ways for doing this, a new web app called Revision looks to make the process as easy as possible — and interactive.

Developed by 17-year-old Polish photographer Łukasz Oślizło, Revision automatically creates a before/after comparison image with a slider to transition from one to the other. You have probably seen examples of this all over the web and if you have ever wondered how to create your own, Revision may be the answer you’re looking for. Simply upload two versions of an image and after a few seconds of processing, Revision takes care of the rest and spits out the interactive comparison. It works on mobile devices as well as desktop computers.

Users can then share their before/after comparisons via a dedicated permalink. A recent update also added the ability to embed the image right on your website, making it easy to show off multiple examples to visitors.

Seeing as the concept was simple enough to wrap our minds around, we decided to give it a go and found that the app works as advertised. Now, we may not be Photoshop masters but we’re pretty sure we have a handle on this.

(Nailed it!)

One cool feature we noticed about Revision is that it automatically handles different aspect ratios without issue (provided both the before and after photos are the same ratio). One negative is that while it is possible to create comparisons from a mobile device, actually interacting with them on a mobile device is a bit buggy at this time. Given that ReVision is still early in development, hopefully this will be resolved in a future update.

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