Samsung 172X Review

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“I have said it before, and I will say it again. I have owned countless gadgets stamped with the Samsung logo over the years, and overall am very happy with what they offer. I have used and reviewed many displays; both CRT monitors and LCD’s. Recently I have been on a roll, reviewing LCD after LCD. Call me spoiled, but I will NEVER voluntarily go back to a large, bulky CRT display again. LCD’s are dropping in price and rising in technology, making them more and more inviting to the home user. There was a time when LCD’s were so expensive that only business’s could justify the expense and the luxury of owning one. Not so anymore, they are quickly becoming mainstream as the technology grows in leaps and bounds.

I have the pleasure of reviewing yet another LCD from Samsung, the 172X. Boasting a whopping 12ms pixel response time and a sexy package, it is the fastest LCD I have seen to date.”

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