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Photoshop users can now access 100 million Shutterstock photos without leaving the program

Shutterstock Plugin for the Adobe Photoshop® Application
Finding a stock image for that graphics project may have have just gotten simpler — yesterday, Shutterstock announced a new plugin for Adobe Photoshop that allows Creative Cloud users to access the company’s stock photo database without ever leaving the program.

The Shutterstock plugin is similar to Adobe Stock, which allows users to purchase stock graphics directly from Creative Cloud apps, though Shutterstock’s version is currently only for Photoshop. Shutterstock says that its vast database, with 100,000 images added every day, is the largest stock photo collection that can be accessed without leaving the program. While Adobe Stock boasts a collection of 55 million assets, Shutterstock’s older service has nearly twice that, with 100 million photographs and five million video clips.

The plugin allows users to edit and adjust watermarked images for free, allowing graphic designers to see if the image will work for that particular project before purchasing. After licensing the photo, all of the changes to the watermarked version are applied.

The plugin also allows existing users to access their previously purchased or even just previously viewed images. Shutterstock’s curated collections are available to browse with the plugin, as well as design essentials such as textures.

“This is the largest stock photography collection to ever integrate with the Adobe Photoshop application. With this plugin we are providing creative professionals the convenience to search for and test more images than ever, directly from the editing tool they are using,” said Shutterstock founder and CEO Jon Oringer. “We are bringing productivity, efficiency, and inspiration to designers everywhere, through tighter integration of Shutterstock with their workflow.”

The new plugin works with Photoshop CC (both the 2014 and 2015 versions) on both Mac and PC platforms. Images are available to purchase in individual packs or with Shutterstock subscriptions.

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