Post a selfie for a chance to win a Sigma lens accessory

sigma lens shoot selfies chance win useful accessory circular polarizer

For the month of January, Sigma lens owners should start shooting and posting selfies of themselves with their gear. As part of a customer appreciation campaign, the company is choosing four winning photos posted on social media, at the end of the month. Winners will receive a new circular polarizing filter that matches the lens shown in the selfie, which, depending on the lens, could be worth as much as $160.

The circular polarizers help remove reflections of subjects and objects when shooting glass or water. It also helps to deepen intensity of blues in sky shots. It’s a handy tool to keep in your camera bag.

To participate, you simply need to tag qualifying photos with #MySigmaLens or #MySigmaCamera on Twitter, Instagram, or Google Plus by January 31, 2015. Photos are automatically aggregated to Sigma’s blog, where the company will choose the winners at month’s end. If you’ve been contemplating getting a Sigma lens – even a used one – now might be the time.

Need an idea of what to shoot? Our recommendation: get super creative. Here are some submission examples from other Sigma owners.