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How to shoot and edit the best slow-motion video you’ve ever made

How to Create Beautiful Slow Motion Camera Movement Shots
Smartphones and consumer-level video cameras are making high-quality slow-motion video easier to capture by anyone who wants to shoot it. Using that slow motion video for anything more than gag reels and replays though can be tough for anyone just learning about shooting better video.

One great method that you can use to take your slow-motion video skills to the next level is by introducing controlled motion into the shot, which allows you to do some fun things when you are editing the video. Caleb Pike, a YouTuber and video educator who also runs the DSLR Video Shooter website, just released this amazing video with some tips on nailing these shots and editing them effectively.

As far as the tools needed, Caleb notes that it really helps to have a slider — motorized is best, but hand powered is fine too — or a jib of some kind to help keep the video and smooth as possible. That said, and as he demonstrates in the video, it’s totally possible to do this using hand-held as well — which is likely how you would be shooting this with your slow-motion-enabled smart phone.

After actually capturing the footage, Caleb takes you through the process of editing that footage into a fun sequence, and assuming you have the software capable of doing so, this turns out to be a surprisingly easy thing to do. It’s really just a matter of knowing what you want to do with it before starting, that way you can shoot and arrange the video files in a way that will make your end goal easier to accomplish.

You can find more great tips and videos about making better videos over on the DSLR Video Shooter website.

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