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New control box lets you easily create bullet-time effect with Sony RX0 cameras

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Sony RX0
Sony’s little camera combining some of the brand’s best features is getting even more flexible. On Monday, January 8, Sony announced an app update and a new camera control box accessory, the CCB-WD1, for the Sony RX0 camera.

Introduced in August, the RX0 is designed to be a versatile, compact shooter with a 1-inch sensor. One of the camera’s more unique features is the ability to sync multiple devices for bullet time and other similar effects. Now, Sony is expanding on that feature a bit more, keeping with a statement made at the camera’s launch that additional accessories would be coming at the start of the year. The new camera control box is a wired solution for using multiple RX0s together.

The Sony CCB-WD1 Sony

The control box allows creatives to control the cameras using a web browser, including the ability to monitor a live feed and adjust camera settings. The device also synchronizes multiple cameras. Sony says the new control is also addressing the time-consuming process of managing files when using multiple cameras for a single project. The box, Sony says, can download all the files at once while simultaneously renaming those files, making the process of managing those files simpler.

Compared to the RX0’s already built-in wireless capability, the control box allows for more accuracy when controlling multiple cameras. The CCB-WD1 will retail for $699, with pre-sales beginning on January 9 at 11 a.m. EST.

Along with the wired control, an update to the PlayMemories app is also expanding the camera’s capabilities for users without buying a new accessory. Version 6.2 of the app allows for controlling up to six of the cameras wirelessly, while adding a router expands that number to 50.

The update, Sony says, also simplifies the user interface, making it easier to list all the cameras. Users can also create groups of the cameras, controlling the entire group at once. A new power-save mode allows users to conserve battery on the smart device by turning off the live view. The app update is expected to be released on January 30.

The Sony RX0 is a new type of camera that doesn’t fit neatly into any of the existing categories — that’s because the camera is designed for multi-camera setups. While an entirely new type, Sony borrows a handful of features from their existing line-up, including weather sealing and a 1-inch stacked sensor similar to the RX line of compact cameras. The camera retails for about $700.

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