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Keep your mirrorless camera at the ready with the SpiderLight holster

After raising nearly $75,000 on Kickstarter this fall, the SpiderLight Holster is now ready to ship to backers. Designed to take the weight of your camera off your back, the SpiderLight clips to a belt with an optional protective pad to cushion the camera (and your leg).

The SpiderLight is the scaled-down version of the Spider Pro holster. Whereas the SpiderPro was made to handle pro-body DSLRs like Canon’s 1D X Mark II and Nikon’s D5, the SpiderLight is made to accommodate the smaller weight and size of mirrorless cameras.

In addition to taking the weight of your equipment off your back, the SpiderLight keeps your camera at arm’s reach, always at the ready. A plate that attaches to the tripod socket uses a sturdy metal ball pin to allow your camera to easily slide on and off of the holster clip. As a result, there’s nothing to unlock and no straps to get in the way.

Two versions of the device are available. The SpiderLight Holster secures your camera at your hip, while the SpiderLight BackPacker connects to a shoulder strap. An optional GoPro mount is also available for the BackPacker, for hands-free point-of-view video recording.

The SpiderLight should appeal to any camera owner, from casual travel photographers to photojournalists. It even features an integrated Arca-Swiss-style quick-release plate for easy tripod mounting.

Final pricing of the SpiderLight has yet to be announced, but the product is expected to be available for public resale sometime in January. For reference, the larger Spider Pro starts at $135 for the single-camera system. The lighter-duty Black Widow, meanwhile, sells for just $50, or $66 if purchased with a belt and hip pad.

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