Flash drive in plane bathroom forces emergency landing, reportedly a spy camera

spy camera in plane bathroom spying

With some video cameras now so tiny they can be fit into just about any object and set up to spy on anyone and anything, perhaps we shouldn’t be too surprised to learn that a passenger plane bathroom has become the latest location for some creepy hidden-camera exploits.

An American Airlines flight carrying 215 passengers was forced to make an emergency landing in Kansas City on Sunday afternoon when what was initially thought to be a bomb or part of an explosive device was found taped to the wall of one of the aircraft’s bathrooms.

However, it was later reported to be a flash drive, though NBC News has since said it appears to have been a flash drive with a built-in camera, suggesting someone on board the plane was secretly filming visitors to the bathroom. Such cameras are capable of HD video recording and are typically motion-activated.

Flight 24 was traveling from San Francisco International Airport to JFK International Airport in New York when the suspect device was discovered, causing the pilots to cut the flight short.

According to NBC News, the Boeing 767 was taken to a secure location at the far side of the airport, where a thorough search was carried out. Once the authorities had finished their sweep of the plane, it continued its journey to New York, though investigators are currently trying to find out who placed the device on the wall of the bathroom.

[Image: Balefire / Shutterstock]