Missing 2013 already? View your most popular Instagram photos last year in a short video

statigram turns your most popular instagram photos into short video 2013 best of

As we enter another new year, some of you – depending on how well 2013 went – might already be feeling nostalgic. Thanks to social media, we can look back fondly at all our shenanigans (you can’t deny that you tweeted several times, asking “what does the fox say,” it’s on the record). Facebook, for example, lets users create a “Year in Review” of the best stuff that happened last year (just go to your page and click on the “Year in Review” banner). For Instagrammers who can’t let go of the past, Statigram has a tool that takes your five most popular Instagram photos of 2013 and turns them into a short video.

Satigram, an Instagram-tracking service, determines what’s popular based on likes. To use the feature, you’ll need to link your Instagram account to Statigram (your Instagram pics will need to be public, obviously). Statigram will e-mail you the video, which you can then repost to Instagram or wherever.

If your year wasn’t so great, you can still check out other users’ best-photo videos by searching the #memostatigram tag.

(Via Mashable)