Chroma keying and layering comes to mobile video editing with Videoleap


Video-editing apps designed for mobile need to pare down the features in order to run on the smaller hardware — but Lightricks, the developer behind the photo apps FacetuneEnlight, and Enlight Quickshot says its new video app brings more desktop editing features to mobile than any other app. Today, September 25, Lightricks announced the launch of Videoleap, an iOS mobile video editor with several advanced tools.

Videoleap brings several features common in advanced desktop software into a mobile platform. A chroma key function allows video editors to remove solid colored backgrounds. Like the traditional chroma key technology, this feature removes the background so that it can be replaced with a different scene. Unlike chroma key, this feature doesn’t require a green screen but can use any solid-colored background. Artificial intelligence finds the edges of the subject, allowing for the background to be removed.

Layer functionality allows editors to overlap text, images, video, and effects for more precise editing. Blending and masking options allow users to superimpose videos, images, and text within those layers. Options for feathering and applying adjustments with brushes are also included.

The app also includes keyframe animations — a feature that allows users to create precise animations. Lightricks says that the tool allows users to control the position of the objects in each frame for more control over the final results.

The new video app also takes several nods from the company’s imaging apps. Videoleap contains similar color-adjustment capabilities as Enlight, the company says, with a similar workflow as well. While the app includes several more advanced features, the company says that the user interface is designed to keep the program easy to use.

“Nothing like Videoleap exists on the market – this is the first true video-editing app for mobile,” Zeev Farbman, co-founder and CEO of Lightricks, said in a press release. “Essentially, we are providing users with a mobile video production studio – yet we’ve simplified it for the mobile experience so that our users can make Hollywood-style edits in just a few minutes. Videoleap lets users cut down typical editing times on desktop from hours to minutes.”

Like Enlight Photofox and FaceTune 2, Videoleap is available in a free version or with more features as part of a subscription. The app is now available for download from the App Store.