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Enlight Quickshot edits your photos in one tap — or even before you shoot

Enlight Quickshot
Editing often gives photos that final boost to get those pixels to their maximum potential — but that takes time. A new app from the developers behind Facetune, Memoji and Enlight, however, aims to change that with instant photo edits made possible through artificial intelligence and neural networks. On Thursday, August 31, Lightricks launched Enlight Quickshot, the speedier sibling to the Enlight Photofox app with batch editing, presets and, yes, AI-powered photo edits.

Available for iOS users, Enlight Quickshot offers automated editing, both for speed and users without the expertise, while a handful of more customized controls offers further enhancements for advanced users. The developer says the app is designed to balance ease-of-use and power.

Inside Genius Mode, the app uses AI to automatically and instantly adjust a photo. If that isn’t fast enough, users can also “edit” their photos before they shoot with Quickshot Mode, which makes adjustment before the photo has even been taken. Inside this mode, the program automatically aligns the image and adjusts the lighting and displays the results live on screen. Users can also add a preset filter inside this mode.

Batch editing further gives the app a speed advantage. Using this feature, users can edit multiple photos all at once, which is helpful for photos taken in the same location under the same lighting conditions.

Along with the AI editing, live previews, and batch mode, Enlight Quickshot also includes a number of different presets. Lightricks says the included presets are ideal for portraits, nature, urban, and more, with each category adjusted specifically for those types of images.

“Today’s high-quality mobile cameras have created a new class of photographers who share their lives through the lens of their mobile device. With Quickshot, we’re equipping those users with tools they need to make every photo picture perfect,said Zeev Farbman, co-founder and CEO of Lightricks. “It’s a simple app for users of every skill level. They can access a fast, intelligent, and easy-to-use photography studio on their mobile device, without ever having to sacrifice quality or control.”

Enlight Quickshot is available as a free download from the App Store.

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