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Look at those curves! This video slider creates custom curved time lapses

Multi Slider
Video sliders are getting even more flexible — literally. Waterbird, a startup based in Austria, is launching a video slider with a railing that can be bent into curves.

Sliders are popular tools for creating smooth, steady motion in a video — but they typically move in a straight line. The Waterbird Multislider instead uses a flexible base so videos — and time lapses — can be recorded on a custom curve, such as circling around an object.

Controlled through a tablet and a battery-powered motor, or manually, the slider uses a high precision motor that Waterbird says offers smooth motion effects. Using the iOS or Android app, the user can set starting and ending points or choose to repeat the motion, as well as adjusting the speed. The ability to adjust the effects through a Windows PC connected by USB is also expected to be added later this year.

But what sets the Multislider apart is the track. The track system can be used in a straight line, or adjusted down to a radius of 250 mm. The railing is made up of several separate segments to allow that curve, while two levers keep the curve locked in place. Users can make even more specific adjustments to the curve using an Allen key, the company says. The slider is expected to be available in three different track lengths, 80 cm, 120 cm, and 150 cm, and the company also says they will take orders for custom lengths.

The track can also be mounted vertically to move the camera up instead of down. Three tripod attachments at the bottom allows the system to be set up off the ground.

Introduced earlier this year, the Multislider is expected to launch this summer, but doesn’t yet have an official list price. Full specifications — such as how much weight the slider handles and how much the system itself weighs — also aren’t yet available.

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