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Think the reflector is a simple tool? The Wescott 15-in-one Omega may make you think again

The versatile, budget-friendly reflector is getting even more versatile — Wescott recently introduced a reflector that holds the world’s first 15-in-one title.

The Omega Reflector 360 is a 40-inch reflector with white, silver, black, sunlight, and diffusion options common for the 5-in-one reflectors. However, that same reflector has three removable mini reflectors at the center. Remove the mini from the center and the reflector becomes a shoot-through reflector. Or, take those mini reflectors and light up some macro shots or create a secondary light that’s harder (with a harsher transition from the light to shadows) because of the smaller size.

Reflectors have long been offering multiple purposes, but Wescott’s latest is the first to reach 15 different uses, thanks largely to that pop-out mini reflector in the center. With the center removed, all of the same white, silver, black, and sunlight covers can be reused as a shoot-through.

The shoot-through reflector is popular for backlighting a portrait, and it offers an affordable lighting set-up since it only requires the reflector and a single light. With the center removed, the reflector will also create catch lights similar to an expensive ring light.

Shoot-through reflectors are nothing new, but by using a removable mini reflector at the center instead, Wescott expands the number of uses without adding to the amount of gear photographers have to haul.

Like other muti-use reflectors, the Omega 360 uses a diffusion panel with multiple zip-up covers to convert into the different types of reflectors. Those different reflection options are attached to a double-riveted frame that folds down to about a third of the original size for transport. The reflector also includes a suction cup hook for using the diffusion panel over a window.

That versatility comes at a slightly higher price point than other Wescott reflectors — the Omega 360 will retail for $130.

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