Trends with Benefits: At Super Bowl 50, drones are out and 360-degree cams are in

The Super Bowl is the pinnacle of live entertainment, so naturally, everyone wants to view it in the best quality possible. With EyeVision 360 cameras shooting in 5K resolution, there will definitely be some unique new ways to view replays this year. But there has also been vocal backlash to the lack of 4K broadcasting. There is actually a good reason for this, and we discuss why that anger may be misplaced.

Microsoft has released a Russell Wilson-heavy video, showing how it envisions the future use of augmented reality devices like the HoloLens for live sporting events. We have to say, it’s pretty amazing.

What won’t be allowed at the Super Bowl are drones. The FAA has promised that any drone within 36 miles of Levi Stadium can be taken down with “deadly force.” We’ll discuss what that means, as well as the Dutch plan of using actual anti-drone eagles!

Hulu users may have reason to worry, with the report this week that Time Warner, Inc., is looking into acquiring a stake in the streaming television service. If this happens, one of the greatest benefits of using Hulu may be at risk of disappearing.

Finally, a company called SuitX has come up with a revolutionary way to assist people with mobility issues. Its robotic exoskeleton, the Phoenix, could potentially improve the quality of life for people around the world.

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