Trends with Benefits: Controlling trolls, Yahoo’s pwned, Apple wants a car company


Yahoo may have suffered one of the biggest hacks of the decade, Apple is eying some exotic acquisitions to build its first car, Alexa apps are popping up everywhere, Google thinks it can control trolls with AI, and Nintendo’s NX has some big shoes to fill.

Our latest weekly episode of Trends with Benefits features Caleb Denison, Jeff Van Camp, Holly Smith and Greg Nibler. Today’s episode is sponsored by MailChimp: Send more emails, sell more stuff.

Our topics this week:

  • Yahoo got pwned
    Up to 500 million email accounts from Yahoo were hacked and being sold online by a hacker named “Peace,” which may be one of the biggest security breaches ever. So … Verizon: Still wanna buy Yahoo?
  • Apple eyes McLaren and Lit Motors
    It’s been clear that Apple has plans to get into the automotive market, but rumors are now circulating that they are looking to jump start this by purchasing McLaren, and possibly the company that makes a bizarre motorcycle-like car. What?!
  • Alexa, built me an app!
    Amazon has been encouraging third-party developers to create apps for its platform, and it seems the market has responded. From adaptable watches, to push notifications, we discuss where Amazon is heading and how it will compete with Siri and Google Now.
  • Controlling trolls with AI
    A new technology called Conversation AI is touted as being able to accurately and quickly filter up to 92 percent of comments on sites that are deemed as offensive. Can this possibly control trolls?
  • Nintendo NX rumors
    The new system from Nintendo is rumored to be some sort of a bridge between mobile and console gaming. What will Nintendo have to do, to stand out in a market dominated by Sony PlayStation and Xbox?

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