Trends with Benefits: Emojis for your car, Apple Music, copious grape Crush

Grab a grape Crush to keep up, because we’re riding a sugar rush on this week’s Trends with Benefits podcast.

Apple Music is finally here, and resident music guru Caleb has been testing it out all week. He gives us his verdict, plus a secret that you’ll need to know to avoid accidentally paying when your trial runs out.

The battle of drones versus privacy advocates is still waging, and a guy named Brett with a shotgun just fired a not-so-metaphorical shot across the bow. Drones are going to be an ever-present part of our lives soon, but how do we balance their great possibilities with the problem of unwanted eyes in the sky? (Hint: Brett’s shotgun theory probably isn’t the answer.)

A brand-new Kickstarter campaign called “MotorMood” is essentially emojis for your car.  Caleb is not a fan.

Stay tuned to the very end for a crushing admission of complete nerdom by Greg.

This week’s episode features Caleb Denison, Drew Prindle, Dan Gaul, Jack Phan & Greg Nibler.  The whole show aired live on Periscope, as well! Please subscribe, share Trends with Benefits, and send in your questions to