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TWB Podcast: With Disney & Facebook, are we reaching streaming content overload?

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Disney splits from Netflix and Facebook turns on Watch: Further fracturing and additions to the streaming content world happened this week. Disney announced that it will be taking it’s massive amount content off of Netflix, in order to start up possible multiple streams of their own, including ESPN. Now, Facebook has announced Watch an original content channel on their network. We have all wanted ala carte service for a long time, but are we reaching a point to where there are too many services? Can they all survive, or are we just entering a golden age of content providers?

DT Outdoor Awards preview: Rick Stella, Outdoor Editor here at Digital Trends, has the difficult task of evaluating all of the outdoor products and gear that make their way to Digital Trends. It’s a tough job, but they stress-tested many of them in order to present DT’s Outdoor Awards. He’ll give us a preview of what to expect!

Military Drone Restrictions: Flying a drone over a restricted military base has been enough to get a drone pilot in major trouble, for a long time. Now the military has official approval to shoot down, or otherwise disable any drones near their bases. There are 133 restricted military zones in the US, let alone airports, sporting events and many other locales. How will this be enforced?

RoboCup 2050: RoboCup brings together over 3500 developers from all of the world, with the end goal of creating a team of robots that will beat a team of humans in soccer, by 2050. It’s an impressive and possibly achievable milestone. But…they aren’t there yet…

Each week, we gather a round table of tech experts from the Digital Trends staff, along with the occasional celebrity guest, to discuss all things tech. Topics range from the big tech stories of the week to predicting the future, all while maintaining a somewhat civil decorum. Throughout the show we answer your questions.

This week’s episode features Rick Stella, Holly Smith, Caleb Denison and Greg Nibler.

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